St. Pancras Old Church

18042009604St. Pancras Old Church has been a site of Christian worship since the fourth century. Although there are some ancient parts of the building dating back to the 11th century, the majority of the structure was rebuilt in the 19th century following a period of dereliction.

The church is open regularly to visit and the surrounding churchyard is a peaceful and beautiful place with many interesting monuments to peruse. The architect Sir John Soane is one of a number of notables whose remains are buried here.

Their worship stands very much in the catholic tradition of the Church of England.

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This important historic building needs significant structural work to save it for future generations.

18042009601The churchyard is home to many notable graves, and in particular to the monument to the architect John Soane.   It is a peaceful place and an intriguing one to visit.

Gates to St. Pancras Churchyard